Konok belt and chain conveyor lines offer a wide range of pallet transfer systems, ideal for the realization of automatic or manual assembly lines in industrial environments. The versatility of these systems is guaranteed by the various choices, including Compact or Heavy belt lines and Bulk chain line, which allow you to adapt to the specific needs of the customer. The modularity of design and realization is guaranteed thanks to the pre-planned groups, which allow an easy integration within the machines of the customers. Konok pallet transfer systems are designed to integrate seamlessly into a closed-loop production cycle, transferring the workpiece to be processed or assembled from one workstation to the next, until the cycle is complete.

Compact End

The COMPACT END series is a belt transfer line with low friction, characterized by motorizations placed at the extremities of the section, which allow transport loads up to 60 kg on a single linear motorized section. Thanks to its compact design and the use of low friction belts, this solution is ideal for transporting small loads in small spaces, while ensuring high efficiency and reliability.

Compact Middle

The COMPACT MIDDLE series is a belt transfer line with intermediate motorization, designed to handle transportable loads up to 60 kg on a single linear motorized line length of 5 meters. Thanks to its configuration, this transfer line is able to offer high performance and reliability, with a compact design an easy installation and maintenance.

Heavy End

The HEAVY END series is a belt transfer line with motors at the extremities, ideal for carrying medium loads. The transfer line can carry up to 150 kg on a single 6 meter section, ensuring high reliability and strength.

Bulk End

The BULK END version of our transfer line is perfect for carrying heavy loads over long distances. With a maximum load capacity of 1000kg over a length of 6mt, this solution uses a idle roller chain with end drive to ensure reliability and strenght.

Bulk Middle

The BULK MIDDLE series is a reliable solution for transporting heavy loads. This system uses a strong belt and an intermediate motorization capable of carrying loads up to 300 kg on a single linear motorized section. Thanks to its high load capacity, the BULK MIDDLE series is particularly suitable for transporting large and heavy producst.

In addition, these systems are equipped with a series of devices that allow different functions, ensuring maximum flexibility and versatility in the realization of customized assembly lines. Choosing Konok pallet transfer systems means relying on high-performance solutions, able to meet the most specific customer needs and ensure maximum efficiency in handling loads in industrial environments.